Perth: 14 through 18 April

When we first announced that we were thinking of taking a trip to Australia, my friend Helen, whom I knew only through LiveJournal, invited us to come and stay with her and her then-fiancee, Daniel (they’re married now). In looked at our itinerary, and in the interest of seeing as much of the country as we could manage, we took them up on their gracious invitation. It turned out to be a wonderful few days (although now I am annoyed that they don’t live closer, so we could see them more often).

On Thursday, 14 April, we were still in Sydney. Connor and I had a final walk through Hyde Park, and then it was time for the coach to take us to the airport for our flight to Perth. Flight was uneventful – actually, flying domestic in Australia is a LOT nicer than flying in the U.S. Maybe just because the airport was less crowded than any U.S. airport I’ve visited recently, but we seemed to get through security, etc., with much less hassle. When we arrived, Helen and Daniel were there to meet us . . . YAY! After collecting luggage, etc., we went straight to their home, and later that evening, Daniel packed up a picnic, and we walked to their local park for a barbecue – kangaroo burgers, steaks and sausage. (It was yummy, but I did feel just a tiny bit bad about eating a kangaroo; not sure why it bothered me, since I eat cows without feeling bad. Still – kangaroos . . . awwwwww). It was a lovely evening, and a great start to our visit in Perth.


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